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Positive Talk Radio Interview

Writers on Expresso Podcast

Tendrils of Grief Podcast

Something, Something Podcast with Tom Harrison

Writers on Espresso – Featuring Tom Harrison, IV

Tom Harrison – WALB TV Albany, GA Interview

Tom Harrison – LA Wave Newspapers Article

Tom Harrison – WATC Atlanta Channel 57 Interview

Tom Harrison – The Relational Voice Podcast with Lucia Matuonto

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Tom Harrison – WREG CBS Channel 3 Memphis “Live at 9″

The one way the abused can find healing, 'From Punishment to Peace' author shares his theory

Tom Harrison – WTVC ABC Channel 9 Chattanooga “Morning Refresh”

Listen to the interview on

examines childhood ties and life decisions in 'From Punishment to Peace'

Tom Harrison – Special Guest on The Mike Wagner Show

Tom Harrison – Interview on Douglas Coleman Show

Tom Harrison – Interview on MindDog TV with Matt Nappo 

EP545 – January 17, 2024

Listen to the interview below.

Listen to some interview shorts below.

The Key to Breaking the Cycle of Abuse  Empowering Fathers #shorts
The Lifesaving Power of Love and Family  A Personal Testimony #shorts
Breaking the Silence  Men's Hidden Strength in Seeking Help #shorts
Overcoming Challenges and Finding Strength  Inspiring Stories of Tommy and John #shorts
Breaking free from the constant need for validation and finding self worth #shorts

Tom Harrison – Interview on KXCR Community Radio 

Spiritual Unity Today with Larry Bloomfield – January 4, 2024

Listen to the interview below.

Tom Harrison – Interview on In Magazine Hollywood

With Carin Chea

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