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From Punishment to Peace

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Tommy couldn’t move on from his years in Memphis. Emotionally abused as a child, the successful businessman buried his need for healing beneath a jet-setting lifestyle. But it was revealing conversations with his homeless, street-smart, and drug-dependent uncle that finally broke his thirty-year spiral in search of peace.

As they journey deep into the broken shards of their shared past, will the abuse they each suffered, the addictions they both carried, and the help they desperately desired finally be revealed?

Probing into the challenges that drive people to seek escape via fleeting euphoria, Tom Harrison reveals disturbing human flaws, unimaginable compassion, and profoundly satisfying truths. By riding shotgun on his explorations across a wide Southern landscape, you’ll enjoy a unique glimpse into the complex beauty of forgiveness and hope.

From Punishment to Peace: Road Trips to Forgiveness is a thought-provoking, philosophical memoir. If you like reading about raw spiritual insights and the healing of deep emotional and physical trauma, you’ll love Tom Harrison’s poignant and moving story of discovery.

Peace comes in different languages; recovery comes from unexpected places.

How far would you go to escape your Punishment and to find your Peace?

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