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About the Author

Meet the Author

Tom Harrison, IV

Tom Harrison is an author with a passion for weaving captivating narratives. Born and raised amidst the vibrant rhythms of Memphis, his deep-rooted connection to the South shapes his unique storytelling style. Tom claims his soul is majestically linked to that of his hometown: its music, its people, its challenges, and its triumphs. As evidenced by its deep-rooted character and historical significance, Memphis arguably leads the world as the city mentioned in more recorded song lyrics than any other city.

Tom spent his career in the world of finance, traversing the four corners of the United States and beyond. Currently, he is the owner of a thriving consulting firm, where he continues to channel his rich experiences into assisting others in their pursuits of their passions.

Tom, his wife, Diane, and dog, Lacey, live in Americus, Georgia, where he draws inspiration from its scenic beauty and close-knit community.

Tom invites readers to delve into worlds that resonate with both heart and intellect. 

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View, listen, and read as Tom Harrison discusses his book, revealing insights and backstories about his novel, From Punishment to Peace.

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